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These Celebrities Have Some Great Money-Saving Ideas For You

Most of us have the perception that celebrities live a very lavish lifestyle, but in reality, that is not always the case. In fact, there are many celebrities who are very responsible when it comes to spending their earnings, even if they have millions of dollars stacked away. Here are just a few celebrities who, through ingenious methods, are able to save a lot of money on their everyday expenditure, and you too can end up saving by following their example.

Using Coupons

The idea of using coupons may be a bit repulsive to you considering the perception that only those who don’t have enough money use coupons while shopping, but you’d be surprised to know that there are a few very rich celebrities who are in the habit of using coupons just because it is the logical thing to do. For example, celebrities like Lady Gaga, Kristen Bell, as well as Carrie Underwood have all spoken about their preference to use coupons when they go out to shop.

For Bell, saving money by using coupons aligns well with her frugal spending habits, and hence she uses as many coupons as she possibly can. Although Underwood may not be using them as frequently, according to an interview, she is still in the habit of cutting out coupons from magazines. For Gaga, getting things for cheaper than their original price is just in-built in her nature since she is a New Yorker.

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Collecting coupons can actually become a very fun family activity as your children can also help you in collecting coupons from various print publications.

Developing Multiple Income Streams

Although Jay Leno is quite famous and earning a lot of money from his ultra-successful show called The Tonight Show, he still does not spend any of his earnings from there and rather saves it all up. Instead, to feed his expenditure, Leno has a separate income stream which comes from the comedy routines he performs.

Leno had gotten into this habit of having multiple streams of income when he was young. At one time, he was working two jobs, one at McDonald’s and the other at a dealership of Ford, and he was in the habit of spending money from only one of his jobs while saving the money he earned from the other one.

Using Public Transportation

Getting a car is not the only expense one has to incur to have a personal vehicle. Maintaining that car by paying for its repairs, insurance, taxes, or loan repayments is all expense which one has to bear throughout its useful life, apart from the energy it takes to drive around from one point to another.

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It seems rather odd that a celebrity would be using public transport, but for Vincent, who has dazzled us on Mad Men with his dashing looks and style, it is the smart thing to do.

For Vincent Kartheiser, who is famous around the world for his role in the hit TV show Mad Men, this is all a waste and that’s why he prefers using public transportation options. Not only does it save him a lot of money, but it also buys him more time which he can utilize to work on his scenes or any other activity for which he otherwise does not find the time.

Build Up Your Savings

You can get as rich as you want, but all that money can vanish much quicker than you earned it if you are not careful with the way you spend it. To avoid such a grim scenario, it is best to save, and there is no better example of a celebrity who is good at saving than supermodel Tyra Banks.

According to Banks, she has always been a frugal person, even when she was young. She was in the habit of saving some money from the allowance she used to receive when she was a kid, not because she wanted to buy something expensive, but because she simply liked to idea of saving money.

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The trick with building up savings is to put away at least some amount of money out of every paycheck you receive.

Teach Your Kids To Save

This may come as a surprise, but Sarah Jessica Parker comes from humble beginnings, and although she has all the money in the world now, she still wants to imbue humility in her son. Hence, rather than buying new clothes for him, Parker instead makes him wear used clothes handed down by her nephews who are older than her son.

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