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American Sweetheart Sandra Bullock Donates $5 Million of Her Fortune For This Cause


Sandra Bullock is American sweetheart with a big heart to give to those in need. Bullock is one of the highest earning actresses with a production company, Fortis Films.

The Oscar winner has scored lucrative syndication movie deals that have seen her play some of the biggest roles in Hollywood. In 2013, her role in Gravity gave her a second Oscar nomination and also a $60 million payout.

The actress is richer than $270 million and she is making more money with her investments alongside her rare movie deals.

The A-list actress gave $1 million to victims of tropical storm Hurricane Harvey in Texas. However, this is not the only time she had given out money to charity. Over the years, Bullock has given a total of $5 million to the Red Cross for various disasters.

She had built a clinic in New Orleans’ oldest public high school and has donated money to help keep the legendary and aging pool manager of the Beverly Hills Hotel afloat after economic hardship.


While Bullock has become a sensational actress on the screen, she is still the life saver of many people in distress with her charity donations.

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