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How To Help Someone Financially Without Lending Them Money

Life is indeed a roller coaster ride, that is why it wouldn’t be surprising if one of your family members or one of your friends may come to a point in their lives that they will suffer financially. There are people who are not exactly willing to lend money, which is totally understandable. One of the reasons is that it might ruin the relationship that you have with the person, especially if they don’t pay you back. Another thing is that lending money wouldn’t really help them for the long run since you’re just giving it to them. However, there are also some people who are generous enough to help others start over. There are just so many ways on how to help your family or friends when it comes to their money problems, but it doesn’t really have to involve having to lend them money, and here are some of them:

[su_quote cite=”Alan W. Watts” class=”cust-pagination”] “If you say that getting money is that most important thing in, you’ll spend your life completely wasting your time. You’ll be doing things you don’t like doing in order to go on living, that is to go on doing thing you don’t like doing, which is stupid.” [/su_quote]


In order for you to be able to help fix their financial problem, it is best to ask first how it all happened and where did it go wrong. They may have a business that went bankrupt because they didn’t know how to run a business in the first place, or they may have gotten into some kind of debt or loan that they can’t really pay, or they could probably invest money and they got scammed. Or they could have been having a hard time dealing with how to handle their money. You have got to get into the problem first before trying to figure out how to fix it.


If one of their reasons is that they don’t really know how to handle their money well, then it is ideal for you to give them a couple of tips and tricks when it comes to that. You may start by giving some words of inspiration based on your experience and explain how you exactly handle your money. If you are not really good with it yourself, then try looking for some tips online and apply it to yourself then give him or her feedback on how it went out for you. Or better yet, you could try it with them so that you will both know the advantages and disadvantages of what you have done. There is just no perfect way to budget or handle money, you just have to know how to live within your means.


One of the most common problems of people who are struggling financially is that they don’t have a decent paying job or that they have been sacked. You could help them get employment somewhere. For instance, you own a business and your family or friend is in need of employment, you could find a job for them at your own business until they could actually find a better job for them. Keep in mind that you must help them temporarily, just give them time to start again and get themselves together, because if you keep on holding their hand, they wouldn’t know how to walk on their own once you let go. If you know any other places that they could work at, then feel free to suggest it.

[su_quote cite=”Maya Angelou” class=”cust-pagination”] “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal, instead pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.”  [/su_quote]


This has got to be the best way for you to help them, go to your local government office and try to ask for the procedure on how to have a financial aid or assistance. There are different ways depending on where you live, but most of the time, they would only help if you prove that you really are in need.

Keep in mind that you must try to open your mind when it comes to these matters. Refrain from putting the blame on them and making them feel bad because it has already been done, what they need you to do is to basically help them out willingly, in any possible way you can. Your guidance and support are what they need especially if you cannot help them out financially.

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