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Tips On Getting Rid Of Your Inner Shopaholic

For some people, shopping can be a way of receiving stress, it can also be a way of having fun, and a way to spend some alone time. When people talk about shopping, it means that they’re basically going to buy things that they either need or want, however, there are some people who can’t seem to stop themselves from shopping, and it is no longer normal.

These people might be suffering from compulsive buying disorder or oniomania. It basically means that a person has some sort of obsession over buying things. A person with CBD has the uncontrollable urge to shop anytime anywhere, some people would even rather get into so much debt just to be able to shop. If you think you have CBD, don’t be ashamed, it is perfectly fine since you’ll get better, but only if you choose to of course. Here are a couple of ways on how to prevent yourself from shopping too much.

[su_quote cite=”Amanda Ford” class=”cust-pagination”] “The thing about shopping is that you never know exactly what you are going to find, a shopping experience can be dulled with joyous surprises or unexpected pitfalls. No matter how hard you try, you cannot plan every detail of a shopping trip, and you never know exactly how it will end up.” [/su_quote]


One of the most common reasons why people tend to have that uncontrollable urge to shop is that because they have credit cards. There are people who own multiple credit cards and these basically give them that push to buy things even if they don’t necessarily need them.

Credit cards can buy anything you want with just want swipe, which makes it even more tempting. At that moment of weakness, you would think that you’ll worry about paying for it later on when the bills come, but when they do, you will have that regret. That is why it is ideal to leave your credit cards at home when you’re going shopping. Or better yet, cancel it.

That is why it is ideal to leave your credit cards at home when you’re going shopping. Or better yet, cancel it.



Another great way for you to avoid the temptation is to have someone with you when you’re going shopping. This person must know what you are going through and must be willing to help you out by simply making sure that you will not buy anything that you’re not supposed to buy or that you must only get what you actually need and not the ones that you only want.


Now that we are living in the digital age, shopping has never been so easy. You no longer have to go to the stores to actually get what you need, all you need to do is to go on shopping websites and pay via credit or cash. But then again, this is not exactly ideal for shopaholics, because it is easier access to them, so what you need to do is to block any shopping websites and apps for your computer and phone, so that you wouldn’t be tempted.


It is also ideal to unsubscribe from any coupons or promos offered by these websites that always go straight to your email once you have signed up to their sites. It is basically their way of telling you that you should buy more things.

[su_quote cite=”Michelle Micheletti” class=”cust-pagination”] “Shopping involves more than just economic considerations like the relationship between material quality and price. There is social, ethical, and political issues embedded in shopping decisions as well, yet most of us do not give a lot of conscious thought to what can be called the politics of a product.” [/su_quote]


Lastly, if you think that you are not getting better from trying all those things above and you simply cannot resist the temptation, it is time for you to join a support group. This support group will most likely consist of your fellow shopaholics, that is led by people who were also suffering from impulse buying, but they will share some inspiring stories on how they overcome that obstacle and that you will eventually get better as well.

Keep in mind that this is too far from being easy, it will take a lot of time and effort to actually get through with the process, but you will eventually get over it. Try everything listed above, whatever works for you, pursue it. Have faith in yourself because you are doing this for you to get better.

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