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Celeb Kids Grown Up And Ready For Life – Find Out What Their Financial Advisors Did To Give Them A Head-start!

Celebrities live extravagant and sometimes even over-the-top lifestyles where hard-earned money becomes a trivial issue, and everything comes, more or less, easy. However, one thing that inevitably comes even tougher to celebrities is being a parent, as we’ve seen many of them fail no matter how much money they have or spend on their kids. With all the best things at your fingertips, building a character to go along with the fancy suit you were born into is never an easy task, and our favorite TV stars know this best. We’ve now put together our list of Hollywood kids who failed to make their parents proud and probably ended up needing therapy or rehab!

 1. Weston Cage (Son of Nicolas Cage)

Weston Cage, son of the iconic actor Nicholas Cage, didn’t precisely decide to follow his father into art. Aside from struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, Weston was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) and was also facing domestic violence charges. Luckily, he’s still very young, and there is still time for Cage to change his course!

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