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WWE Superstar Classic Wrestlers: Some Of Them Haven’t Retired Yet!

WWE has completed its 39 years and the fan base is still multiplying. This world full of spectacular storyline, drama, memorable feuds, and gigantic personalities mainly caught the eye of men and was almost viewed as a Soap opera. While most of them earned a huge fortune displaying their wrestling abilities, some could even extend their careers into films and televisions. However, some couldn’t handle their success and indulged in drug & alcohol addictions. Many of the wrestlers were left behind in time after they retired and some of them are really living in the most unexpected condition. See how those legends from WWE are doing now and how life has taken a toll on many!

Matt Osborne AKA Doink The Clown – Died At The Age Of 55

Matt Osborne began his wrestling career under his real name with Pacific Northwest Wrestling where he won a Heavyweight championship and also Tag-Team Championship four times. After working for multiple wrestling promotions, Matt signed up with WWF and WCCW for two years. In 1991, he started wrestling for World Championship Wrestling under the ring name Big Josh where he won United States Tag Team Championship with the acclaimed wrestler Ron Simmons. He returned to WWF/E as Doink The Clown which became the best stint of his career and earned him the most fame. In 2013, Osborne was found dead in the apartment he lived and the reason for his death was concluded to be the overdose of morphine.

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