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WWE Stars Then & Now: Take A Look At What These Mega Stars Are Up To Now

WWE has completed its 39 years and the fan base is still multiplying. This world full of spectacular storyline, drama, memorable feuds, and gigantic personalities mainly caught the eye of men and was almost viewed as a Soap opera. While most of them earned a huge fortune displaying their wrestling abilities, some could even extend their careers into films and televisions. However, some couldn’t handle their success and indulged in drug & alcohol addictions. Many of the wrestlers were left behind in time after they retired and some of them are really living in the most unexpected condition. See how those legends from WWE are doing now and how life has taken a toll on many!

Paul Michael Levesque AKA Triple H – Age 48

Born as Paul Michael Levesque, Triple H (Hunter Hurst Helmsley) began his wrestling career with the ring name Terra Ryzing. It was a different scenario when he entered the industry and he even had to face minor setbacks before he could achieve the pinnacle of his career. Currently, he is keeping himself busy with his investments, business ventures and also NXT, SmackDown which has surely lowered the time he used to devote to his fitness sessions. Considering his lifestyle and diet plans at the age of 48, achieving his old-self seems to be a distant reality.

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