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All these ladies are married to famous athletes which makes them famous as well. But not all of them rose to prominence only because they married a wealthy athlete. Some of these talented women were already huge in their respective fields and have money of their own. But they have one thing in common: these beautiful women are all the greatest support of their successful husbands. We are certain you know these athletes but do you know their wives and what they do for a living? Then wait no more and continue reading this article. We have got a list of the famous athletes’ wives for you! Let’s start!

Shakira — Gerard Pique

Shakira was already a worldwide star before she started dating footballer Gerard Pique. After breaking up a 10-year-long relationship, the Colombian singer became involved with Pique and by 2013, they were already parents. Shakira and Gerard met in 2010 while shooting the video for her song Waka Waka (This Time for Africa). She gave birth to their second son in 2015 and the happy family lives in Barcelona, Spain where they decided to buy a house. Of course, we’re guessing that they own other houses as they both have loaded bank accounts.

Brittany Matthews – Patrick Mahomes

If we’re talking about the most talented quarterbacks who are making the headlines, Patrick Mahomes is certainly one of them. where the Kansas Chiefs’ star man has made his mark on the field, off the field he hasn’t done too bad either. He’s been with fitness trainer Brittany Matthews for quite some time now and the sparkling chemistry is something we fans totally admire. No wonder the quarterback is in great shape as he really doesn’t need to go find a trainer when his stunning girlfriend can totally help him out!

Lilit Avagyan – Reggie Bush

Former RB Reggie Bush is enjoying his retirement quite brilliantly. His talented & gorgeous wife is a dance teacher who helps him to stay fit even after retirement. The duo met in 2012 and tied the knot in 2014. The couple has made many appearances together & truth be told, they look quite the fantastic pair. Together they have two children and are living in California. We just hope they continue to be the charming couple that they are and have a successful married life ahead!

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