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Stunning Houses Of Nascar Drivers

Driving can be very dangerous because of all the accidents that can happen. So imagine if you’re a NASCAR driver who has to drive fast for a living. Although NASCAR stars really have a dangerous environment, the fruits of their labor are still very rewarding and their careers earn them a massive fortune. One of the things these people invest their fortunes in is real estate. Living in a cool mansion just makes your life so much better. Let’s take a look at some very popular names from the NASCAR world who have very eye-catching residences.

Kurt Busch, Mooresville – $15 Million

Kurt Bursch has been in the NASCAR scene for more than a decade already and he truly has achieved a lot throughout the entire course of his career. He is currently a competitor at the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Bursche lives in a deluxe house in Mooresville, North Carolina which he reportedly bought for about $3.29 million. The four-bedroom house features an infinity pool which is connected to the lake at the back of the home.

Joey Logano, Huntersville – $625K

Joey Logano was only 18 years old when he was able to emerge victorious during a Nationwide Series race back in 2008. When he was about 20 years old already, he already had enough savings to be able to afford a cool mansion of his own. He bought a $625,000-worth mansion which was sitting on 3 acres of land in Huntersville, North Carolina. The mansion is complete with amenities like a home theater, swimming pool, and a customized wet bar.

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