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Mind Blowing Celebrity Houses – We Hope They Save Money For Home Insurance!

Celebrities can earn in a year what most of us could never dream of having in our entire life. They never have to worry about bank loans and life insurance because they can amass ridiculous amounts of money through their craft, they’re able to build their dream homes, which, to ordinary people like us, could just remain a dream (like a UFO sighting perhaps). Here’s a list of celebrity homes that will just leave you stunned. Don’t forget to pick up your jaws, guys.

Bruce Willis – $9 Million, New York

Bruce Willis is one of the biggest stars of Hollywood and is also the proud owner of this lovely $9-million home in Bedford, New York. The mansion is 8,400 square feet, has five bedrooms, eight baths, a 50-foot heated pool, and tennis court. This house is to-die-for, or you could say to Die Hard for (okay, that wasn’t a very good pun).

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