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Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations

Did They Undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery Or Followed Strict Diet Plans?

Life in Hollywood is filled with pressure and temptation. Whether its the temptation of alcohol, drugs, and fancy food, or the pressure of looking good and setting an example – there is always drama. Take a look at these impressive celeb transformations:


Start Slideshow” to unveil some jaw-dropping transformations – aren’t you dying to see how many pounds Precious, Beth and Mama June have lost?

Vicky Pattison – 50 Pounds – Diet & Exercise

Reality TV star Vicky Pattison was a member of Geordie Shore. Unfortunately, this involved a lifestyle of eating unhealthy foods and drinking a lot of alcohol. She realized the error of her ways thought and the beauty started eating a balanced, healthy diet and began to hit the gym. In fact, her transformation was so effective that she provides weight loss advice to anyone who will listen (and more than likely pay the right price too). She does look incredible now though, which just goes to show that diet and exercise can seriously pay off.

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