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Jaw Dropping Celebrity Houses & Mansions – We Hope They Can Afford Home Insurance!

Celebrities can earn in a year what most of us could never dream of having in our entire life. They never have to worry about bank loans and life insurance because they can amass ridiculous amounts of money through their craft, they’re able to build their dream homes, which, to ordinary people like us, could just remain a dream (like a UFO sighting perhaps). Here’s a list of celebrity homes that will just leave you stunned. Don’t forget to pick up your jaws, guys.

Nicki Minaj – $28 Million, Beverly Hills

Spellbind and enthrall are the two words that define the interior of American-Trinidadian rap
artist Nicki Minaj’s leased hilltop mansion in Beverly Hills.
The inside of the iconic mansion is a major surprise and a far cry from what the homes of most
big-name entertainers look like on the inside. It is believed that Nicki parts with $30,000 every
month to be able to call this mesmerizing place home. The contemporary Mediterranean-style
dwelling has an awe-inspiring nine bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Its interior has a clean and
stylish look with a cream and white theme.
The splendid entrance to the place is a gigantic driveway leading to a 5-car garage housing a
luxurious fleet of fancy vehicles. Leased by the rap queen and her former partner Meek Mill in
the summer of 2016, Nicki has been living in her spectacular lair since then. She has survived a
major burglary at the place in 2017 when the intruders made off with valuables worth $200,000.

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