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Famous Celebrities Of The Golden Era Still Alive & Kicking – Some Of Them Haven’t Planned Retiring Anytime Soon!

Celebrities come and go over the years, and we often forget about stars we used to love an idolize at one time during our lives. Sometimes we even regard them as passed away if we haven’t heard from them in a while! However, you may be surprised to hear that some of the greatest actors, singers, politicians and other celebrities are still very much alive and kicking! Check out who is either still working or enjoying life as retired men and women:

1. Loni Anderson

Remember Loni Anderson, the famous American actress who played the receptionist in the hit sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati? She earned three Golden Globe nominations and the jury finalized her character for two Emmy Awards. She recently turned 74 and doesn’t have any apparent plans of retiring any sooner. However, she isn’t acting these days but providing the support system for her elder son Deidra Hoffman who was diagnosed back in 2009. She is still strong and fighting the odds. We hope her son recovers soon and we eventually see her on TV again.

2. Mel Brooks – 91

Mel Brooks is a man of many talents. He has been a successful actor, director, comedian and even producer over the course of his long career. He did extremely well for himself as an actor and is only one of a handful of people who have received a Grammy, Tony, Academy Award and an Emmy. Over his well-to-do career, Brooks has managed to earn himself a $100 million net worth. But what is he up to today? Well, although he is 91 years of age, Brooks is still going strong with his acting and according to him, he doesn’t plan to stop any time soon! He is set to appear as a voiceover in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation this year, and is in the midst of filming another movie set to be released in 2019.

Brooks has a son with his late wife Anne Bancroft, named Max who followed his father’s footsteps in the Hollywood industry, and is said to be making a name for himself there. He is also an avid writer.

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