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Classic Celebrities Still Alive And Kicking – Some Of Them Don’t Plan Retiring Any Sooner!

Celebrities come and go over the years, and we often forget about stars we used to love an idolise at one time during our lives. Sometimes we even regard them as passed away if we haven’t heard about them in a while! However you may be surprised to hear that some of the greatest actors, singers, politicians and other celebrities are still very much alive and kicking! Check out who is either still working or enjoying life as retired men and women:

1. Dick Van Dyke – 92

92 year old Dick Van Dyke has had an amazingly successful career in showbiz. As an actor, dancer and singer, he has managed to build an incredible $50 million net worth. He is probably most well known for his series The Dick Van Dyke Show, but he also starred in famous films such as Bye Bye Birdie, Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The actor has a son names Barry Van Dyke,, who is now a famous actor in his own right. The pair appeared together in Murder 101, a popular TV series. Dyke hit headlines back in 2013 when he was involved in a traffic car accident, which almost killed him. He was removed from the car wreck minutes before the entire car burst into flames.

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