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Celebs & Their Incredible Net Worth You Won’t Believe When You Will See Who Is The Richest Celeb

Celebrities might have to endure photo shoots and endless chases by paparazzi, unable to go anywhere without being cornered and photographed and interrupted. It’s a hard life for some. Luckily, they are all well compensated… sickeningly well compensated. The life of a celebrity is pretty good for the most part and they enjoy a life free from the financial constraints that apply to our own bank accounts. We’re going to look at the net worth of some of the wealthiest celebrities in the world. Did you know, for example, that Taylor Swift has a net worth of $280 million? Or that Jessica Alba managed to start a company worth $1.7 billion, leaving her a handsome net worth of $350 million? Well, let’s take a look at who is worth what and how they went about making their fortune, shall we?

CELINE DION: Musician – $800m

Musician Celine Dion is worth an absolute fortune. She broke all sorts of records with her song My Heart Will Go On which launched alongside the Titanic movie and then went on to win Grammy Awards. Her investing strategy involves real estate too – having once owned a property worth $72 million! The place included its very own water park, so we can see why it was valued so high. She’s sold hundreds of millions of albums across the globe and doesn’t seem intent on retiring, despite a bulging bank account of $800 million. She no doubt has financial advisers that help her keep making money.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA: Musician – $160m

Pop singer Christina Aguilera popped up many years ago and repeatedly pumps out hit after hit, so it’s no surprise that her net worth is in the region of $160 million. She doesn’t just settle for making brilliant tunes though. She’s also done a few home makeovers – including working on the real estate of other celebrities! It’s no wonder that her bank account keeps on growing. Hopefully, she has a great home insurance policy in place to help protect her assets, especially given the fact she has a rather unusual taste in home decor. We think it’s fair to say that, unless Christina hires the same financial adviser as Nicolas Cage, she won’t have to file for bankruptcy anytime soon…

JOHN TRAVOLTA: Actor – $170m

You might have heard of John Travolta before, after all, he’s a Hollywood legend. The Grease actor has dominated the screen throughout his career and showcased his adaptability after going from musicals to gritty, action movies like Pulp Fiction. When he isn’t busy acting, though, he is pursuing his other passion in life – flying. He’s a qualified pilot and after speaking to one of his financial planners, he even went ahead and built his own private airport at his home. Well, when you’re net worth is $170 million then you can kind of do anything that you’d like. And he can always apply for a job as a pilot if the acting roles dry up! 

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