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Shocking Celebrity Couple Height Differences You Probably Didn’t Notice Before – How Long They Stayed Together?

Men are generally taller than women but it’s not a universal rule, especially when you look at famous couples from showbiz. Some of these celebrities have huge height difference. Photographers always have a difficult time capturing these celebrity couples in one frame. You won’t believe how strange these couples look together unless you see it.

Before you explore the list, can you guess which couple has the biggest height difference?

Shaquille O’Neal and Nicole Alexander

The former American basketball player and the best player in NBA, Shaquille O’Neal is married with Nicole Alexander, who is an American-Italian TV actress. It is surprising to know that the height gap between these two is 23 inches. However Shaquille is extra tall with a height of 7’1” while Nicole is 5’2”. We are sure this is the biggest height difference that you would ever see in a couple and still they manage to stay together without any apparent issues.


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