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Shocking Celebrity Couple Height Differences You Probably Didn’t Notice Before – How Long They Stayed Together?

Men are generally taller than women but it’s not a universal rule, especially when you look at famous couples from showbiz. Some of these celebrities have huge height difference. Photographers always have a difficult time capturing these celebrity couples in one frame. You won’t believe how strange these couples look together unless you see it.

Before you explore the list, can you guess which couple has the biggest height difference?

Peter Dinklage and Erica Schmdit

The “Game of Thrones” Star Peter Dinkalge married the American actress, Erica Schdmit on April 16, 2005. There is a huge difference of 13 inches in their heights but who cares when they love each other. Erica is taller than Peter as Erica is 5’6” and while Peter is 4’5”. However, their romance seems to have no negative effect because of their height difference but we see them smiling every time they come out together.

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