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Hollywood has been star-studded with beautiful celebrities ever since back then. The women who these days take on older roles used to be the “girls next door” from decades ago. For the women on this list, there are more to them than just pretty faces and superb acting prowess. Many of them did a lot of work outside of their comfort zone and just became inspirational women on their own. There is no doubt that their net worth and bank account have been doing great over the years. Let’s take a look at some famous female celebrities from back then who have ageless beauty.

Sophia Loren – Marriage, Italian Style, born in 1934

When Sophia Loren was only 15 years old, she already got herself involved in a beauty pageant which led to her acting career. Loren is a multi-awarded actress who is for sure enjoying a very wealthy bank account, never really needing a loan. She serves as an inspiration for she truly stays focused on her career.

Wesley Snipes – Blade, born in 1962

The American actor, director, producer, author and martial artist is quite known for his action movies in Hollywood. He has been training for martial arts since the age of 12 and he has earned a 5th dan black belt in Shotokan Karate and a 2nd dan black belt in Hapkido. His most famous movies include New Jack City, White Men Can’t Jump, Passenger 57, Demolition Man and Marvel comic character Blade in the Blade film trilogy.

Jessica Lange – King Kong, born in 1949

Before her remarkable performance in the hit show American Horror Story, Jessica Lange was already a known face from back then. It seems like she is into activism and charity these days for she is also known to be a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.  Aside from acting, Lange also takes an interest in producing and photography. Still a stunning lady, Lang proves that you don’t need invasive procedures to maintain a flawless figure.

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