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Celebrities live extravagant and sometimes even over-the-top lifestyles where hard-earned money becomes a trivial issue, and everything comes, more or less, easy. However, one thing that inevitably comes even tougher to celebrities is being a parent, as we’ve seen many of them fail no matter how much money they have or spend on their kids. With all the best things at your fingertips, building a character to go along with the fancy suit you were born into is never an easy task, and our favorite TV stars know this best. We’ve now put together our list of Hollywood kids who are like and unlike their parents.

Lily Collins (Daughter Of Phil Collins)

One of the most influential names in English Music is without a doubt, Phil Collins. Phil had a remarkable career with multiple hits one after the other for decades. His daughter Lily is a popular face in Hollywood, too. Lily, who took after her dad, chose acting instead of singing and has appeared in multiple movies including Love, Rosie and Stuck In Love. Lily has definitely made her dad proud by staying away from bad things and making a good career for herself. Her latest projects for 2019 include appearances in the movies Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, and Tolkien.

Bonnie Chapman (Daughter Of Beth Smith)

Bonnie Chapman is the daughter of famous TV personality couple Duane and Beth Chapman. Both of her parents are famous Bounty Hunters and appeared on the show Dog the Bounty Hunter. Bonnie is only 22 and she has yet to decide her career path but given how adorable she looks, she should try for tv shows. Bonnie was close to her late mother and is taking her time to fully recover from her great loss.

Malcolm Ford (Son of Harrison Ford)

Malcolm Ford is the son of the legendary actor Harrison Ford who is famous for his portrayal of Indiana Jones with five of his movies being in the US top 30 of most grossing at US box office. Despite having famous parents very little is known about Malcolm, but he is slowly changing that and coming to limelight at a steady pace. In 2004 he starred in a movie called Water to Wine about a snowboarder and although he is not as great of an actor like his dad or as good a script writer as his mother Melissa Mathison, but he possesses the creative genes nonetheless, he is part of a band called “The Dough Rollers” as the lead vocalist and guitarist.

Keen Ruffalo (Son Of Mark Ruffalo)

Dedicated actor Mark Ruffalo, known for his performances as Hulk in The Avengers series and in Spotlight, is no wonder a Hollywood’s favorite. Ruffalo’s son Keen is already 17 and has worked in a movie too. He made an appearance as himself in Begin Again, and we are so happy that he didn’t give in to the crazy high life that normally celeb kids do. Keen has a long road ahead and though for now he is focusing on his education but he still has to decide if he wants to be an actor like his dad.

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