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Absolutely Jaw Dropping NFL Cars & Houses That Will Make You Crazy

Football season is the life and bane of every full-blooded sports fan. And beneath the haze of enthusiastic fans and eager managers are the reasons for the season themselves – the NFL players. Entertainment doesn’t come cheap, and these NFL players are no different. But considering all that they are willing to mortgage on account of your beloved football – it suffices to say, they are well worth the cost. So what do the uber-rich NFL stars do with all the money they amass from their time on the field? Well, we can tell you this much; having a vast array of property and luxury cars seems like a common denominator with these NFL players. Here is a peek at what incredible luxuries your stars can afford; Be prepared to be stunned!

Joe Haden – Lamborghini Aventador, Estimated $1.1 Million

Joe Haden has a penchant for acquiring Lamborghinis – but it isn’t too hard to understand given his position in the Cleveland Browns. We only hope that a man with enough money to purchase more than one Lamborghini has the sense to acquire premium car insurance policies to accompany them. But more importantly, we hope he has the intuition to toss some of his earnings into investments as well – so lack of money never forces him to part with his shinies.

Peyton Manning – Denver, Estimated $4.5 Million

In his days as a quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning was considered a top-notch player in the industry. And even in retirement, he isn’t relenting in his pursuit of excellence. Peyton Manning is the owner of an incredible 16,464 square feet property in Chevy Hills Village, Denver. The $4.57-million, 7-bedroom mansion simply suggests that the former quarterback won’t be out of money anytime soon. Overall, the three-story home will be a great inheritance for his kids.

Joe Flacco – Corvette Stingray, Estimated $70K

As a gift for his MVP win in 2013, Baltimore Ravens‘ quarterback, Joe Flacco, received a gorgeous red-orange Corvette Stingray. The modest $70K gift (considering his net worth is around $35 million) is a gorgeous addition to his collection- but cost the NFL player $23K in taxes! Talk about a gift that keeps on taking…

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