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Public Figures That Dared To Pose In Birthday Suits

The public figures we are speaking about today have had their 10 minutes of fame and it is quite possible you may have seen them on media channels. You may be surprised to know that the people on this list caught the attention of the public for the wrong reasons. They were involved in a scandal, were members of the first family or simply made an appearance on a talk show. They have also been paid to appear in their birthday suits and their images were captured after obtaining permission from them. Given below is a description of the people you may never expect to see in photos like these on even scandalous movies. However, they had their short time on the media channels and managed to capture the minds of everyone.

[su_quote cite=”Bob Smith” class=”cust-pagination”]“One of the many problems with aging is that you begin to think of yourself as a slob because your birthday suit can never be cleaned or pressed no matter how spotted or wrinkled it gets”[/su_quote]

The Women Of Enron

Shady accounting practices and corporate deception is what comes to mind when you hear the name of Enron which was the company which filed for the best corporate bankruptcy in the US. The company had a market value of $60 billion before it became involved with criminal schemes. Thousands of lower-level employees lost their jobs and their pensions when the stock of the company became worthless.

The women of Enron, however, had their 15 minutes of fame when they featured in the August 2002 issue of Playboy which had 10 women from the company posing in birthday suits. Whether the women were making a point or simply exposing themselves is unknown but they certainly had their short time in the limelight.

Melania Trump

Melania Trump has had her moments of glory before she appeared for the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States looking every bit the first lady. Her sense of dressing has been elegant ever since her days as a model. She has posed for the British GQ in 2000 with just a fur blanket wearing nothing but diamonds and handcuffs.

Melania had another photo spread for a French men’s magazine when she shed everything but her heels. The photographs surfaced again in 2016 when Donald Trump mentioned Melania was just a successful model and the photographs were taken without his knowledge by a European magazine. Europe certainly doesn’t think so similarly and believes that pictures like these are fashionable and common.

Patti Davis

Melania Trump is not the only member of the first family that appeared in a birthday suit. Patti Davis the daughter of Ronald Reagan also did so after the former president had left the White House. Patti appeared on the cover pages of Playboy in 1994 and horrified conservatives throughout the world. Despite the criticism, Patti received she was proud to complete the assignment.

Senator Scott Brown

Scott Brown was known as the sexiest American before he began his political career when he posed for the cosmopolitan magazine for its centerfold in June 1982. Scott was also modeling for other commercials that were similar but not as racy as the pictures for the cosmopolitan magazine. In 2010 Scott surprised the political establishment when as a Republican Massachusetts state Sen. he was able to upset the Democratic candidate to win the Senate seat that was vacant after the death of Ted Kennedy.

Paula Jones

Paula Jones gained national fame when she accused former president Bill Clinton of harassing her sexually during her job as a state clerk in Arkansas. The battle in the courts was an extended one and President Clinton ultimately paid $850,000 to get Paula to drop the case against the former president. Paula was vilified by the Allies of Clinton for being an opportunist. Paula, however, managed to irritate her allies on the right when she decided to pose for the penthouse magazine spread after earlier mentioning she would never do so for a men’s magazine. It has been mentioned that the photographs were released by her partner without her consent.

These are some of the public figures who decided to pose in their birthday suits, not for publicity offered by the magazines but for causes the thought were justified.

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