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Bieber and Baldwin Engagement Saga: How it all Began

The internet was agog over the weekend when news broke that the Canadian-born singer, Justin Bieber proposed to her Tucson, Arizona native girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin, while they were vacationing in the Bahamas. Though the move elicited excitement from some fans, others were quick to point out their whirlwind romance.

The two lovebirds have actually been friends for several years, even dated in the past, and only just rekindled their romance. Here is the breakdown of how they moved from being friends to forever lovers.

2009: First Time Meeting between Baldwin and Bieber

Baldwin’s father, Stephen, played a key role in their first meeting. In a video that resurfaced online, Baldwin’s father chatted up Bieber after which he introduced her daughter to the pop star. At some point, Baldwin kept a serious expression and seemed kind of embarrassed as she shook hands with the singer with these words, “Nice to meet you.”

In the wake of  Bieber’s break up with his on-and-off ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, the pop singer spoke about having a healthy relationship with people he can feel safe with—people he can freely say whatever to without being judged.

They sparked some dating rumor in the summer of 2015 when Bieber snapped with Baldwin and shared a few selfies shortly after they were spotted in Miami, jet skiing together.

December 2015: Baldwin Joined the Bieber’s Family Vacation.

Baldwin looked just perfect with Bieber’s family on their getaway. One of the pics of Baldwin and Jaxon (Bieber’s younger brother) hanging out together surfaced online, courtesy of Bieber.

January 2016: They made it Official!

Beiber shared a series of photos via Instagram to usher in the New Year. One of the pics confirmed their relationship as the pop star shared a passionate kiss with Baldwin, while wrapping his arm around her.

February 2016:  Love is in the air as they both let it out in Separate Interviews.

Bieber did mention in an interview he granted GQmagazine over two years ago that Baldwin is someone he really loved and they spend so much time together. He went on to speak about his future with the blonde model.

Baldwin on her part gushed over her then-rumored beau in an interview with ET. According to her, Bieber is a good kid and she really loved him.

April 2016: Baldwin and Bieber seemingly broke up

Though the media didn’t get much hold of it, the two broke up sometime in early 2016 following the interviews that ensued earlier.

According to the blonde beauty, she didn’t want to attract attention because she’s dating Bieber; she agrees that you need a thick skin and has to be strong-hearted to really do that.

May 2018: Baldwin and Bieber are Friends Again

In an interview with The Times UK, Baldwin opened up about being friends again with Bieber following their breakup.

 June 2018: A Rekindle Romance?

Fans speculated that Bieber had rekindled his romance with Baldwin when they were spotted flirting with each other. This happened after Bieber split up (once again) with Gomez. The two only just got back together earlier this year.

Some few days after Bieber and Baldwin  were sighted together, they were also spotted again doing couple of things — catching a movie in Miami, headed to New York on a private jet, shared steamy kisses, enjoyed romantic dinners and lot more!

July 2018: More Hot Summer Dates Heated things up

Bieber and Baldwin heated things up in the Big Apple, paying less attention to the nearby paparazzi that gracefully captured them mid-lip lock.

At the Hu Kitchen, they both enjoyed a healthy lunch date with a fresh-pressed green juice, taking selfies with their fans. An eyewitness did confirm that they looked happy together, according to ET account.

 July 7, 2018: Bieber popped the Question

ET exclusively confirmed that Bieber did pop the question at a resort in the Bahamas. According to their source, Justin proposed to Hailey in front of a group of people. It was gathered that Bieber has been trying to do this for some couple of weeks now.

An excited Hailey was filled with so much joy and she couldn’t contain it, telling friends and family about their plan to spend the rest of their lives together. They have both been photographed together, with a beautiful ring on Baldwin’s finger.

Their fans can only hope that this reunion last the test of time as the whole scenes played out like a well-scripted movie from Hollywood.

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