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Actresses That Have Aged Flawlessly – They Can Still Make Your Jaw Drop!

Hollywood has been star-studded with beautiful celebrities ever since back then. The women who these days take on older roles used to be the “girls next door” from decades ago. For the women on this list, there are more to them than just pretty faces and superb acting prowess. Many of them did a lot of work outside of their comfort zone and just became inspirational women on their own. There is no doubt that their net worth and bank account have been doing great over the years. Let’s take a look at some famous female celebrities from back then who have ageless beauty.

Lucy Lawless – Xena: Warrior Princess, born in 1968

Lucy Lawless who is from New Zealand is known for her starring role in Xena: Warrior Princess.  She is also a beauty queen for she won the title of Miss New Zealand when she was only 21 years old. Lucy doesn’t seem to need any loan or mortgage because she has a stable income from her still very active acting career.

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