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The Principles That Make Kim Kardashian a Perfect Financial Planner

Kim Kardashian has proven to be a great wife to Kanye West, as she can always be seen supporting him through thick and thin.

In her recent 73 Questions video for the publication Vogue, we got to see her monastery-themed minimalistic house located in the Hidden Hills region of California. The video shows her walking through her home and answering questions about every aspect pertaining to her life.

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Both Kim and Kanye are reportedly worth a whopping $600 million combined, which definitely makes them a power couple.

In the video, Kim talked about the paparazzi, her new baby boy, about motherhood in general, and her newly formed interest in law. Reportedly, she is preparing for the bar exam to become a lawyer. In the same interview, she also talked about how she manages and saves her money.

She is Proud

In the interview, Kim was asked about the one thing that she is proud of, and she answered that she is proud of the financial advice that she gives. According to her, she has given Kanye some really good financial advice as to how he can best save his money. However, according to Kanye, he seldom practices it.

Kanye seems to fit the stereotype of those husbands present in all parts of the world who do not listen to the advice of their wife. However, it seems Kanye should probably be listening to her advice as Kim has been doing great, financially speaking.

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Kim is one of the most famous reality TV stars around the world, although now a major chunk of her income is also coming in from brand endorsements as well.

The second eldest of the Kardashian clan, Kim has been ranked at 30th place on the Forbes’ Wealthiest Celebrity List. She currently has a net worth of $350 million but Kanye is also not so far behind from his wife as he is reportedly worth an impressive $250 million. Together, the power duo is worth almost $600 million, which is not that far from the coveted and exclusive billionaire title.

Save and Invest

Even though Kanye may not seem to care about Kim’s financial advice, he still reportedly lets her take control of his finances. In an interview, Kim made it very clear that the pair will definitely be investing their money in stocks moving forward. Keeping in line with that strategy, Kanye reportedly bought Kim shares in many coveted companies such as Adidas, Walt Disney, and Apple.

He surely had a rather cute way of telling her about these stock purchases. According to Kim, Kanye gave her a box of Apple headphones, a model of Mickey Mouse, and socks from Adidas for Christmas, and then told her that he bought stocks for her in all these companies.

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He may not listen to other advice given by Kim, but she seems to have convinced Kanye that investing in stocks is a good idea.

Smart With Money

It appears that the couple is smart with its money, even though they have a lot of it. They seem to be saving it consciously and investing it wisely. This just goes to show that no matter how much you make, a fraction of it must always be saved, a law that applies to both people working at low wages to the millionaires, as you never know what is going to happen in the future.

Hence, having money saved up is a great option as it will save you from going into debt. By the end of the day, it does not matter how much you make, but how much you save that defines your financial security in the future.

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