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NFL Players’ Incredible Houses & Cars: We Hope They Don’t Save On Property Insurance!

Football season is the life and bane of every full-blooded sports fan. And beneath the haze of enthusiastic fans and eager managers are the reasons for the season themselves – the NFL players. Entertainment doesn’t come cheap, and these NFL players are no different. But considering all that they are willing to mortgage on account of your beloved football – it suffices to say, they are well worth the cost. So what do the uber-rich NFL stars do with all the money they amass from their time on the field? Well, we can tell you this much; having a vast array of property and luxury cars seems like a common denominator with these NFL players. Here is a peek at what incredible luxuries your stars can afford; Be prepared to be stunned!

Richard Sherman – Seattle, Estimated $2.3 Million

Star cornerback of the Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman takes credit for leading his team to victory for the last seven seasons. And off the field, the 29-year-old does an equally good job of spending his earnings. His $2.3 million, 9,4350 square feet mansion in Maple Valley is a testament to his lavish lifestyle; and with the house’s billiards room, game room, and full-sized basketball court, it is easy to see that it is always a sporting affair with this NFL star.

Vernon Davis – Bentley Continental GT Convertible, Estimated $200K

When Vernon Davis isn’t playing tight end for the Washington Redskins, the former Denver Broncos & San Francisco 49er treats himself to a ride in one of his many luxury cars. The self-acclaimed ‘car-guy’ boasts an impressive fleet, almost as vast as his career portfolio. His most significant ownership is a $200K Bentley Continental GT Convertible. To say that he is enjoying the dividends of his labor would be putting it mildly.

Tony Romo – Dallas, Estimated $9 Million

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had spent his entire 14-year NFL career playing on the same team. And if there was ever a question as to why he remained a Cowboy, then his $9-million mansion is a testament to the fact. His earnings as a quarterback has eased him into a life of luxury, and he has since retired to the six-bedroom mansion, complete with an outdoor entertainment area. After paying $6 million for a property and $3 million for renovations, entertainment is by all means a necessity.

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