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Millionaires Talk About the Most Profitable Investments You Should Be Making Right Now

The only way to succeed financially in life is by investing your money in a smart manner.

It does not matter if you belong to a profession that does not entail making investments on a daily basis, as investing your funds in lucrative opportunities is not a very complex task, and it will secure your present as well as your future if done right.

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You can take your current savings and turn them into a stable source of income by making the right investment decisions.

There are a lot of investment options like buying bonds or investing in Bitcoin, so you have to be careful when making this choice.

But don’t worry, as four successful millionaires have revealed the most beneficial investments they have ever made, and also how well these investments may perform in the future.

Kara Goldin’s Equity

Kara is the CEO and founder of Hint Inc. and also the creator of The Kara Network, which serves as a digital resource for entrepreneurs. Not only this, but she also hosts a podcast named Unstoppable.

The successful millionaire says that one should work for companies only with the intention of securing equity. This is what she did with her first startup.

According to Kara, it is also advisable that you check out all of the available stock options, and even take classes if required to get the necessary understanding of equity investments.

In the end, she stated that if you fail to understand something then it is better to figure it out instead of leaving it for someone else to handle.

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Kara Goldin is all about playing it safe while securing a good return on investment by putting her money in equity.

Tamara Mellon’s Investment

Tamara is the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of her own brand, Jimmy Choo, and is known for her work in creating women empowerment.

According to her, the most beneficial investment was when she borrowed millions of dollars from her father and invested in Jimmy Choo. This was her only investment which in return has rewarded her with $850 million in total. She was able to repay her father in full back in 2004.

Real Estate Investments

The CEO and co-founder of Rockstar Capital (which is a real estate firm that has $285 million in assets and $71 million as investor capital), who is also the host of a podcast named The Apartment Rockstar, Robert Martinez  purchased a multifamily project in 2011 which was put up for foreclosure twice in a decade.

This property was built in 1974 and was being wasted due to negligence. Martinez spent almost $1.25 million to renovate the property, which afterward included the roofing, a new HVAC system, LED lights, and a few other upgrades.

A gym, playground, laundry room, and a BBQ area were also added. Now, that same property is worth $11 million, which means that Martinez has earned above 700% in profits.

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Robert Martinez is keeping it old-school by investing in the tried and tested real estate industry, where prices almost always appreciate with time.

Investment In Bubbles

The founder partner of the Daily Law Group, a firm which provides assistance to high profile clients against fiduciary abuse like fraud, James Daily revealed that his best investment has always been in an industry that was in a bubble, which refers to a return that is substantially more than what an investment may inherently be worth.

The inspiration to make one of his earliest such investment was provided by his professor on the last day of his law school who had encouraged everyone to invest in the technology industry bubble.

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