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Iconic Houses From Movies & TV

‘Want to have a cup of coffee in the Central Perk or stay Home Alone in the deluxe house where Macaulay Culkin did almost thirty years ago? You are in the right place, as we now take up the task to look at the best houses and real estate properties seen on film and TV over the years. We look into the purposes as well as the prices of the famed places that have come to be true landmarks over time, so let’s wait no further and get on with our list!

The Choice” House – Price Undisclosed

Screenwriter Nicholas Sparks has treated us with a great love story more than once. After The Notebook came The Choice and we were smitten by both of these movies. Interestingly, the setting of both movies is in North Carolina, where the screenwriter used to live, and the adorable bungalow from the film The Choice was built there just for the purpose of the movie. In this gorgeous real estate, we watch two of our favorite people Gabby Holland and Travis Shaw tie the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Keep reading to find out the location where Will Smith had filmed his first big show that ultimately helped him become a huge name in Hollywood.

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