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The Richest Celebrity Business Men & Women In Hollywood – They Don’t Need A Business Degree To Make Millions Off The Camera

Celebrities are truly blessed with jobs that allow them to earn millions so easily. Having a huge fortune is truly nice but these celebrities still have to practice proper wealth management if they want to sustain their wealth. Given the means and platform they have, celebrities often like getting into the world of business. It’s a perfect alternative source of income for them. Some collaborate with a brand while others really start a company from scratch. Let us take a look at some of the most popular names we know that can proudly call themselves businessmen or businesswomen.

Jessica Alba – The Honest Company – Almost $1 Billion

Jessica Alba started making money through her career as an actress ever since she was a teenager. She got her big break when she starred in the show, Dark Angel. She later became a bigger star thanks to the roles she had in movies like Sin City, Honey, and the Fantastic Four films. Alba is known for being one of the founders of the consumer goods company called The Honest Company, which was previously worth $1.7 billion. But these days, reports say it is valued at less than $1 billion. Nonetheless, it still makes Alba a wealthy woman. Alba will star in a new show called L.A.’s Finest.

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